Henna parties

Henna is a fun addition to any party, or a reason to have a party in itself. Inspire your guests with the magical gift of the henna experience. It brings joy to the space,  is a great conversation starter and is a unique party favor that guests take home with them.  When the paste comes off later in the day or the next morning, they will be still be reminded of the fun they had! Available for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers and corporate events.

Bridal mehndi

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Adorn yourself with the ancient tradition of henna for your special day. Having yourself decorated with henna will bring more magic and beauty your wedding day while also providing some important time to slow down and reflect on this time of transition in your life.  Beach weddings and henna are an amazing combination. The gorgeous natural colors of Virgin Island beaches and the earth tones of henna compliment each other so beautifully.  Have some barefoot sandals henna'd on your feet instead of wearing shoes!

 Half hour free bridal consultations are available to get an idea of what design style you like, how long it will take and what it will cost. I also provide a sample henna to see the quality of our work. and richness of the stain. If you are coming to the Virgin Islands for a destination wedding, I am also available for consultations on Skype.  Designs can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of design. Henna is best applied two days before your wedding to let the stain darken to perfection, but one or three days is good as well. 

Please contact me for a current list of rates. 

Bridesmaid's party

Set aside some quality time with your favorite girls by having a henna party before you get married. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding activities, a henna party is a perfect excuse to relax with the amazing women in your life while getting adorned with the beauty of henna.  Indulge yourself in this delightful tradition celebrated by women for thousands of years. For extra relaxation, a massage therapist can also be arranged to come to provide massages for your guests. Barefoot sandals look amazing on brides maids as well as brides!

Belly Blessing/ prenatal henna

Celebrate your amazing growing belly with some henna art. Henna has long been regarded for containing Baraka, which means divine essence or blessing, and has been applied to expecting mothers to bring joy and luck into their lives. Blessings for an easy labor and happy and healthy baby are applied with henna onto your belly. Schedule a once in a lifetime beach photo shoot two or three days after your henna is applied to capture your body in this amazing moment in time. Check out my new belly package, including a complimentary photo shoot.

Private Appointments

Henna can be fun at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. Usually, it accompanies special ocassions, which can be personal moments in out lives that we can celebrate or mark with some henna. If you are have an injury or a personal struggle you are working in, henna is a great way to give yourseld some love. Private appointments are usually done in mountaintop home studio, but it is possible to arrange otherwise as well.  Contact me for current rates.