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Meet Clare.

Clare worked as a teacher for many years and has a fun creative soul. She is also an amazing mom and one of my role models (and a henna model), with her patient, positive, and loving attitude. She has an encouraging and firm tone of voice and way of giving directions that kids respond to. Her son, Audie, is one of my little Brian's best buddies. When they were little tiny bundles and could barely move their necks, they laid on the bed next to each other and wiggled and squealed in excitement. It is always a treat to get together with them. The other morning, we went around for a craft morning play date. Clare set the boys up with some paint and stamps to make some creations and off they went. 

Being a mom is one of the most creative jobs I have ever had. It is important to stay inspired with activities to teach the kids, recipes to keep everyone fed (because they want to eat EVERY day ;), and most importantly, creative ways to react/disciplin. I find inspiration is KEY and it is connecting with other moms and sharing ideas that keeps that inspiration flowing. 

My favorite part of this craft day, and most others like it, was when the kids are full of painting and run off to play, and the moms carry on crafting, drinking tea, eating snacks, and catching up on life. 

As I said in my last post, i learned about photoshop actions in my photography class this past week, and have been playing around with a few of them. My favorite one so far, because I am a big fan of vivid colors, is one replicating a toy camera. I applied this action to these photos because the colors of the day were calling for it. Because the action makes the colors pop, it changes the true color of the henna stain as well. For photos that represent the color of the stain accurately, check out the photos in my gallery page. 

The style of the henna design is from the Persian gulf. My compliments go out to the unknown artist that created this design from which I copied. The website was in Arabic, and then didn't seem to be running when my friend offered to translate. I do love the whimsy of the bold flowers and negative space for tendrils to dance in. I look forward to doing more gulf-style henna in the future. These photos were taken 36 hours after application.