creative hands: massage therapy

The inspiration for this henna project is creativity, and this includes the wonderful world of healing arts. There is no shortage of creative ways that people can heal each other, and I look forward to exploring some of these ways throughout this year of henna'ing. 

viki henna 7 for web.jpg

Meet Vicki. She is my first pair of healing hands I have Henna'd for this project. She is a massage therapist at Caneel Bay here in St. John, who specializes in structural integration, also known As Rolfing. This technique optimizes the body's relationship to gravity by working with the body's connective tissue to release bound muscles. 

I had a wonderful time getting to know Vicki and hearing her story while I doodled up her hands with a gulf style henna design. It was her first time getting henna, and she said that it was a tribute to her hands, that have been working hard all of these years. 

Vicki has been massaging people as long as she can remember. This path was a clear calling that became her life's work. She is happy and grateful that her work is an offering and also a service to others. It is always inspiring to meet people who are doing what they love! 

The art of henna is a healing art in its own playful subtle way, and I love it for that. The henna plant is considered to carry divine blessings of joy and luck in its essence (with or without a beautiful design), that soaks into your life through your skin. The artist, like a healer, also is a channel of energy. Before I start henna'ing someone, I like to take a moment to breathe and center and connect to a higher force to bring into their life a little bit of positive energy through their henna experience. 

viki henna 3 for web.jpg

While writing this, I found myself going on many a thought adventure regarding the relationship and interchangeability of healing and art, and decided I could spend a lot of time writing about that, but what it all boils down to is LIFE IS ART! It is how we live our lives and what kind of energy we want to channel that underlies all forms of creativity and healing in the world. We can all be healers and we can all be artists if we so choose!!! 


"There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground" (rumi)