creative feet : travelling shoes

My friend Chris came to visit last week and I Henna'd some magic slippers on her feet. Slippers are a common theme in bridal henna designs of India and Morocco and they are especially fun to henna on barefoot beach feet. Because this project is inspired by creativity, I decided to henna Chris's feet. She is a traveling girl and has made a creative lifestyle out of her love of traveling for many years, so I thought it would be fun to henna some traveling shoes for her. The design is based on Moroccan Fessi style henna and then I personalized them by adding symbols from Chris's earth walk within the design.

Traveling is a way to leave our routine behind, open ourselves to new possibilities, to feel free, and to discover ourselves. There is always an outward journey and an inward journey. Symbols are relative to each of our personal beliefs, cultures and experiences, and are common in henna as well. People paint symbols onto the body to bring the energy of symbols into their lives. It was interesting to hear which symbols Chris chose to represent her path through life thus far.

The om symbol stands for the first sound of the universe,  and represents music for Chris, which is one of her passions that she carries with her everywhere she goes. The symbol comes from India, where Chris and I both had our first big independent backpacking trip together after we graduated from college. The elephant represents wildlife and her time Kenya, studying at a school for wildlife while in college, where giraffes could be seen walking by in the distance during class.  The guitar represents Chris's instrument of choice, and her time living in Seville, Spain, the birthplace of flamenco, where she learned to speak Spanish. 

Mountains are Chris's favorite landscape. She loves the simplicity of hiking up them and being rewarded with views at the top. Chris and I hiked around the Annapurna circuit in Nepal for 3 weeks, which still maintains a top spot as one of coolest things I've ever done. The photo to the left is from that adventure. Chris is on the left, our friend, and travelling companion Christin in the middle, and I on the right. The Annapurna ciruit is one of the most walked paths in the world, and is shared by pilgrims, locals and tourists. Our feet carried us all the way through villages starting in tropical climate zones up into snowy landscapes and over the highest pass in the world. They braved some storms including infected ankles and extra toes, but ultimately carried us all the way home. 

Chris spent years leading camping tours across North America, where she guided people on countless hikes in America's beautiful nature preserves. In this job, she met the love of her life, Pete, which was a pivotal moment (all paths lead to now). During their time off from leading tours, they traveled far and wide. They became engaged in the mountains of Guatemala and hiked through the mountains of Patagonia in Argentina on their honeymoon, and are also connected through their love of mountains. 

chris on tree 2 for web.jpg

There are four Mayan glyphs that represent herself, husband, and their two little girls. They feel connected to the Mayan symbols because they not only traveled extensively through Mayan country while they were single, but also got engaged in Guatemala and then returned to Mayan county of Mexico to get married. The tree represents Chris's passion for plants, a love that kept returning to her through her travels. Now, Chris is studying horticulture while raising her children in Brooklyn, but still gets out for some traveling on road trips and coming to the Caribbean to kick back and escape the winter of New York.  The St. John petroglyph represents the here and now. This is the third time chris has visited me here. I love that she is my traveling friend, a soul sister, and a friend who visits.

The earth represents, of course, our magnificent planet. Chris loves the earth's variety of wild landscapes. and the feet represent her own two feet, which she loves that can carry her anywhere.

I feel extremely thankful and blessed that I was able to travel as much as I have, and can thank some friends, including Chris for inspiring me to get out and go. When Chris told me that she was planning on going to India after graduation, a bell went off and I asked if I could join. That trip changed my life and inspired me to keep traveling and make art. Oftentimes, when I am henna'ing up a high school or college girl, i offer some inspiration to Take some time to travel after studying.  A lot of people don't realize how easy it is. You just save your pennies, buy a ticket (and a lonely planet guidebook) and go! As Chris pointed out, sometimes, it is more expensive to stay home.  

I have to say that I really loved henna'ing these personalized slippers for Chris and would love to do more of this. I am organizing a variety of symbols from around the planet for people to choose from if they ever want a pair of medicine shoes to be Henna'd on their feet, to represent where they have been on their path and what energies they want to carry into the future. look out for that on my website in the future!

One note on the henna due to babies waking in the night, our henna actually took 3 nights to complete! if you notice in some of the photos, one foot is a darker stain than the other, it is because they were henna'd on different nights. May it serve as an example of how a henna stain takes time to darken. While the darker foot is 36 hours after application, the other is 12 hours after application.