Henna Belly art


Adorn your beautiful growing belly with the ancient body art of henna. Celebrate this magical time. I have a deep respect for the birthing process and love to honor it with henna. Birth has the potential to be a transcendent, empowering and healing experience. Motherhood can be a challenge. Finding your power is essential. Giving yourself the space to find that power is important. Blessing your belly with henna is a great way to celebrate and empower yourself as your body, mind and spirit prepare for childbirth. 

Designs take about 90 minutes to create and your henna belly session comes with a complimentary 15 minute professional photo session after the shoot.

mary belly  copy.jpg

This session can also be done at a baby shower, where you guests can also receive some henna. Having a blessing way ceremony is also a wonderful way to gather your community to celebrate, bless and support you in this important time as you get close to birthing day. I am able to help facilitate this circle and also while also providing henna for the participants. 

I use only the best quality, all natural ingredients in my henna paste and for pregnant bellies, the safest ingredients are used to prepare the henna. Henna is a sacred plant that is regarded as carrying divine blessings, and is used to apply to people in times of celebration to bring joy, luck and blessings to its recipients.

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