henna by magic tree henna, design by amelia dregiewicz

henna by magic tree henna, design by amelia dregiewicz

The Virgin Islands are the perfect place for this marriage of henna and photography for pregnant women. Adorn your beautiful growing belly with this ancient temporary body art and then capture the experience on one of the island's pristine beaches with some photographs. Henna is a wonderful way to relax and honor your amazing body and its ability to make another person. Photographing it will allow you to carry the experience with you though time, to re-inspire you. You are a piece of art! Let's decorate your belly and celebrate the goddess that you are!

I use only natural ingredients in my henna paste and for pregnant bellies, stick to using lavender essential oil in my paste, which is considered safe for the skin during pregnancy.  Henna is a plant that is regarded as having Baraka, or divine blessings, which people apply to their bellies to bring joy and luck to their babies life and blessings for a smooth and happy delivery. 

This experience is a wonderful way to relax and have some quiet, reflective time, or to surround yourself with your favorite ladies during this important time of transformation in your life. It is also adds an inspiring and fun energy to a baby shower or blessing way ceremony.

Your henna session will take about 2 hours to paint the design on. Once the paste is dried, we will spritz it with some lemon and sugar, cover it with a paper medical tape to seal it and leave it on for 12 hours. After the paste is taken off, it will take 24 -48 hours for the stain to mature (darken). After that, you can apply coconut oil or the like to feed the skin cells, and prolong the stain.

A photography session is a wonderful way to capture this magical time and experience in your life in a beautiful place. To best capture the henna art on your belly as part of a photo shoot, take photos 2 -3 days later, after the stain as darkened fully and before your skin cells start falling off, which is when your design with start to fade away. I am available to photograph you and your partner/ family. Inquire within for more details on that.

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