Hello! I am Carolyn, the artist behind Magic Tree Henna. I live with my family on a mountain top of the little Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I love being a henna artist and it brings me great joy to share this wonderful ancient art with people. I have been a professional henna artist for about eight years now, just about as long as I have been living back on this little rock. Henna goes so well with beach life! I love the way henna looks on a pair of barefoot sandy feet.

There are many layers to the henna experience, and I love them all: the physical beauty of it, the shared experience, the conversations it inspires, its cross cultural ancient traditions, and its ability to cross boundaries and connect people.

When I am not hennaing people, I can be found playing with my kids, designing greeting cards and  tshirts, and planning my next kids photo shoot. My art is inspired by everything! I love travelling and adventuring and exploring metaphysical realms of existence and life has proven to get more amazing as time unfolds. My art is a poem of gratitude, a dance of happiness, a vision of paradise on earth, that I love to share with other people.

The Magic Tree is the name of my favorite beach spot on St. John. It is a group of coconut and sea grape trees on the beautiful beach of Maho Bay.  All of the elements (the trees, ocean, earth and wind) come together so perfectly in these moments under the tree that it reminds me that LIFE IS MAGIC!

Henna is also a magic tree!!

I look forward to decorating you with the fabulous inspiring ancient art of henna.



you can follow my creative whims and find my most recent works on instagram and facebook.